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Not merely will you obtain top quality Tegu, however you can constantly return and talk to us for ideas or issues. We want you to definitely delight in your lizard and provides it the best possible care. 

Yes, I think These content articles are overkill. I've heard about a case of a young boy gettig salmonella from kissing his turtle. Again, not some thing I'd advise.

They want a considerable enclosure, or at least an honest sized cage and plenty of options to obtain out and walk close to.

Remember to You should not get this like a pet thinking It truly is like a cat or possibly a dog, it is a large lizard and when you are not seasoned with it, it will be an excessive amount for you to cope with!


For the reason that we responsibly offer reptiles for sale on-line (in addition to amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions), we reserve the correct to delay your buy on the quite scarce prevalence of unacceptable climatic conditions.

Gold tegus are regarded for being quite aggressive, but Many of us have elevated and held them as pets without having difficulties. Their golden coloration is gorgeous. As Together with the Colombian black and white tegu, wild-caught golden tegus are readily available in the pet trade mainly because no captive breeding is taking place from the U.S.

These men undoubtedly are a ton a lot easier and much less expensive to feed than the usual snake. You should purchase a dozen eggs and feed him cheaply, blend it up with a few fruit, veggies, and an affordable canned cat food stuff. The less expensive the better because you will find much more fillers!

But albino tegus, for my part, are quite possibly the most beautiful of the tegus. Maybe considerations with regards to their Over-all wellbeing is usually alleviated if Down the road only strong and wholesome albinos are bred with each other by selective breeding. Try to look for these interesting creatures to be increasingly available within the pet current market as demand from customers for them grows.

My Tegu does use a collar (all around his waistline, not his neck) And that i depart it on him each of the time. I only put his leash on when he is strolling across the property or outdoors within the entrance property.

If the Tegu has been spoiled by a meat eating plan, and it is relucant to try to eat veggies,you can also make a small plate Every single feeding and canopy it by using a Uncooked egg.

The skull is intensely constructed with a significant facial strategy of the maxilla, a single premaxilla, paired nasals, one frontal bone, and just one parietal bone. Biomechanical analyses counsel the posterior processes of your parietal could possibly be vital for managing torsional masses as a consequence of tegu for sale posterior biting on one side.

A lot of cats will lose their prey drive around animals in the family. Friends? I question it. Tegus overlook lots but are not likely "good friends" with most other Animals. They're not unsafe.

In terms of wandering across the dwelling even though, Except you happen to be immune comprimised there is hardly any danger. (I are not able to tell you Certainly none.)

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